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Our diagnostic medical sonography hand-on skills training provides comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills, as well as the opportunity to gain experience through clinical rotations with prestigious medical facilities. Our more than 95% of graduates are currently employed in different X-Ray and Ultrasound Clinics (IHF clinics ) all over Canada. Our most of the graduates were placed in the job within 3 months after their graduation. Our instructors are highly skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do and are certified and knowledgeable in the new generation technology and software.

Medical Sonographers are an integral part of the healthcare team, playing a critical role by providing key information that facilitates diagnosis and patients management. Sonographers use their skills and techniques to extract images from inside the human body by using special ultrasound equipment, afterwards, radiologists used these medical images in order to make the medical diagnosis. As part of a patient care team consisting of physicians, nurses, and surgeons, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers play a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are often responsible for:

  • Explaining procedures and answering patient questions
  • Ensuring the continuity and quality of patient care
  • Prepare and position patients for imaging processes
  • Maintain imaging equipment
  • Review images and tests and provide summaries for patient care teams

By executing these key tasks, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers help treat patients facing a wide range of medical conditions and concerns.

After basic certification, many Sonographers go on to specialized training in Cardiac, Breast, Vascular (blood vessels), and Internal Specialists. Some expand their training into other areas of diagnostic visualization as MRI and X-ray technicians. Sonographers are employed by hospitals and different X-Ray and Ultrasound Clinics (IHF Clinics) all over Canada.

Nationwide there are ample jobs available. The clinical internship will give you practical experience to put on a resume and also give you a chance to work with potential employers.

  • We will make every reasonable effort to assist you in getting a job.
  • We manage more than thirty X-Ray and Ultrasound Clinics in Ontario.
  • With our good reputation, we have the professional relationship with different ultrasound clinics owners and radiologists.
  • We also have a good connection with different recruitment agencies

Sonographers in the Toronto area typically earn from about $25/hour to about $35/hour depending upon types of scan they can do and experience. That’s about $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Ultrasound specialists can earn higher salaries. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers was $69,650 in May 2016.

A recent study of employment within the healthcare industry found that just over 110,000 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are employed throughout the United States. The same survey projects that number to grow by an estimated 27,000 jobs, or 24 percent, by the year 2024.

Yes, either ARDMS certification or CARDUP Certification. Our course has been designed with one goal – to give you the adequate education and training you need to pass the ARDMS examinations and for the job. Employment as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer requires an Associate degree or completion of a one-year certification course offered by an accredited hospital or college. Due to the requirements of insurance providers and Medicare programs, many employers prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees, however. Individuals must also pass the national certification exam and obtain licensure or certification from a state body if necessary, or a professional certification from a private industry organization. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers may choose to focus on a specific type of imaging, including:

  • Pediatric Sonography
  • Abdominal Sonography
  • Breast Sonography
  • Musculoskeletal Sonography
  • Gynecologic Sonography
  • Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Vascular Sonography

A focus in any of these specialized imaging types may require additional training, education or certification.

North American Ultrasound Training Centre - NAUTC
Career Guidance & Resume

Upon successfully passing your licensing exam for your program, we assist our students in preparing their resume and interview FREE of charge. We then continue to assist our students in seeking full-time, permanent employment upon completion of training. The Career Services team can also help employers contact new or past student if they are looking to find employees to fill job opportunities at no charge to either student or employer.

Vacant Positions & Hiring

NAUTC welcomes applications from qualified, experienced ultrasound instructors looking for a vibrant, challenging and rewarding technical teaching experience. Candidates are evaluated on four key areas: high-quality teaching practice, contribution to learning area and curriculum development, relationships with students, staff and peers and contribution to the whole institute.

Currently, there is no vacant position. However, we accept applications from the prospective applicants to keep our database update for ourselves and for our client and affiliated medical centers, clinics and hospitals. We evaluate the resumes regularly and inform you of available vacancy.

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